Friday, November 12, 2010

Writing Update

I've finished my revisions on Star Swans for now, and I'm about to dive into the story I mentioned in this post. I'm writing a rough draft on my old computer that doesn't have internet for a number of reasons, but here are the main three:

1. No internet connection means I have to switch computers to socialize *waves* over the internet.
2. No one in my house will need or even want the computer I'll be using.
3. I wrote the only novel I've ever completed on it and every poem I've ever sold; it's my "working" computer.

I'm really looking forward to focusing on a rough draft again, but I'm also dreading it. I haven't tried to follow any kind of writing routine since school started, and I know I'll get a lot more done once I start setting goals and making progress. I've been in love with this story and its characters for a few years now, so it's ready to come out. I just need to do the work. Why is it so hard to reestablish good habits? It's like exercise (another habit I need to reestablish). Is this paragraph degenerating into whiny and pathetic, or is it just me?

Also, it feels like I'm cheating on Star Swans. Is that silly, or is it normal? It's not like I've given up on my first novel--I haven't even tried to query it--but I think this new project will help me SEE my old project better when I pick it up again in a few months.

So, if you don't see me around as much the next couple of months, it just means I'm reestablishing good habits ;)

What are you working on?  


  1. It's fun to start a new project, Myrna. Also a bit daunting, blank pages makes me nervous.
    I'm polishing my WIP and about to do an exchange with three beta readers(we're all planning on entering our ms in ABNA this year).
    Happy writing!
    P.S. I would still need the Internet on my 'working' computer in order to use the reference tool. I'd be lost without it.

  2. But you ARE going to query it, right?

    I mean.....go for it!

    And I know what you mean. I love starting something new, but it is REALLY hard sometimes, too.


  3. I sympathize with that Internet distraction. I mean, if I used all the minutes I ever spent on the Internet WRITING instead, I think I'd be done with my book by now. And what a nice feeling to be able to give your attention over to a book that's been wanting to be written for so long. I don't think you are cheating. It's like having two children. You love them equally.

  4. Congratulations on finishing your STAR SWANS edits, and good luck with your new project. Is it the prequel?

    Happy first drafting!

  5. Christmas stories!


    PS. Good luck with your rough draft!

  6. I don't think Star Swans is going to be ready to query just yet--and I agree that a new project might help you see things with a better perspective. :)

  7. Q and Shelley, Star Swans isn't ready to query. I had a really hard time even sending it out to CPs this time because I haven't resolved the pacing issues. I haven't given up on it though. I will query when it's ready.

    Yes, Krista, I'm writing the prequel, and it's already helping me figure out what I want to do with Star Swans.

    Shellie and Jessie, good luck with your revisions!

    I hope you're going to post some of those stories, Sue!

    And thank you, everyone, for your encouragement!

  8. I think it's a great idea to work on something else for a little while and let Star Swans rest. You will come back to it with a whole new perspective. I'm still revising, revising, revising. Eventually I'll have to put it aside and let it rest, but I doubt I'll be patient enough to leave it for more than a week. I am sooo ready to query!

  9. I totally get needing to use the other computer. I pretty much demanded my own that no one else can use. One that I won't think about doing the laundry or paying bills or cooking dinner in....only writing or creating art. I can't wait to hibernate in my new space. (It's almost done.) Best wishes to you and your self imposed quiet time. I can't wait to hear about your progress...(When you emerge.)

  10. I also switch to a computer without the internet for fewer distractions.

    Congrats on your progress.

  11. Myrna! You are something else! I am constantly amazed at your....amazingness!

    By the and Robyn sounded like angels yesterday! Thanks!

  12. Myrna, first of all, your idea of the computer withOUT internet is pure genius! I'm gonna try that.

    Second, good luck with your new rough draft. It's always exciting to put on page something you've been pondering for awhile.
    Catherine Denton

  13. I think it will help you see Swans better. :o) Besides! Don't feel like it's cheating, think of it as sending your baby off to the sitters. And I'm enjoying tending it right now. So much. :o)

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!

  14. I hope your new work habits are going well :)

  15. So how are the good habits going? :o) I'm working on you-know-what right now and had to leave you a note on how much I love it!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving. Cheers, friend! :o)