Friday, June 17, 2011

My Love/Hate But Mostly Love for Second Drafts

Last month was rather insane due to the fact that teachers are expected to cram all kinds of evil projects and wacky fun into the last six weeks of school, so I didn't get very far into my second draft. However, this week, I am very much back in saddle (an appropriate metaphor, if you ever get to read my story).

For me, revising is the part where I notice the sparkles (love) and tar pits (hate) in my writing. I'm still not sure where the beginning of this story needs to be (hate). But I'm making improvements. Last night, I handed the power in a relationship (no, not THAT kind of relationship) between my main character and a minor villain to the villain, creating vulnerability in my MC. This makes everything that happens between them later better than it was before (love). It also gives her more depth and a problem readers can sympathize with (love) within the first couple of chapters.

Am I making any sense? I worry about losing you when I discuss examples from my own writing.

Anyhow, I've been out of school for a week now, and I'm excited to be making progress again. I love this story.

What are you excited about?


  1. So glad your story is coming along well.

    And funny you should ask what I'm excited about. Yesterday, my son got accepted to medical school. He starts August 5th!


  2. Yay for getting back into the saddle with your writing! I hope that I get a chance to see one (or more)of your books published. :)

  3. I hear ya on that crazy last few weeks of school! Thought we wouldn't survive for a minute there!
    And you already know what's been keeping me excited! Funny we both asked that same question in our blogs!

  4. "evil projects and wacky fun"--that made me giggle :) I'm not confused; your examples make sense. They're also really intriguing. I wish you all the best into turning the (hate) bits into shiny little things that can you put (love) by.

    I am excited that my second painting finally told me what it wants on its right side. The left came quickly and easily, but the right side wasn't speaking to me. (I'm not schizophrenic. If you look at a painting, it will usually just "say" what it needs. I think similar things can happen with writing . . .)

  5. I know, Rey! The boy who wouldn't work on his Chautauqua nearly finished me off. ;o)

    Thank you, Sarah! I was really beginning to wonder. There haven't been many comments.

    And that is so cool about your painting. I agree.

  6. Happy Writing! I am in the early stages of developing a new novel...all in love with everyone, lol!

  7. Sorry so late on this posting, I just discovered your awesome blog!

    This is so true! I love writing the second draft because the ideas are all there, now it's the opportunity to make them better, and to read them with fresh eyes.

    Great example too. I understand what you're saying about adding something more to a relationship to make the characters have more depth. :)