Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Real Pain in the Neck

Actually, the pain is mostly in my head. ;o)

My chiropractor says I need to spend less time on the computer, so I haven't been reading or writing blog posts as much as I normally would. I have been revising TBW. I'm also doing funny looking exercises that will hopefully correct the problem with my vertebrae, but until they kick in, I'll probably go from a once or twice a week blogger to a once or twice a month blogger.

This is actually good news because it's something I can correct. I've been having CFS and fibromyalgia symptoms since May, and having an autoimmune relapse would be much, much worse. So, I'm just taking a bit of a time-out to get my health back in order.

I'm sorry for the lapse in blogging. If any of you need to reach me, my e-mail is in my profile.   


  1. Not a problem. Take care of yourself!

  2. Hope you get some relief very soon!


  3. Oh, poor thing! Yes, your health needs to come first. Hope you heal quickly!!


  4. Do feel better soon. I blog on a whim as a matter of habit. No set schedule here.

  5. I hope you feel better soon! My mom has fibromyalgia--and saying it has its not-fun moments is probably an understatement. Also, if the exercises are funny looking, at least there's something amusing about them :)

  6. I've been wondering where you were (blogging-wise.) Glad to hear that it's nothing too serious.

  7. Wow, Myrna! So sorry to hear about your pain and other problems. No need to apologize to US about the lapse in blogging. Just get better.

    I actually think I've had fewer headaches since I took a 5-week blogging break. So we could probably all benefit from less screen time!