Friday, January 8, 2010

Contest Winner

Okay, the contest is closed, and Krista won.  So, Krista, let me know if you'd rather have hardcover or softcover and whether you'd like me to mail it to you or meet you for lunch in Mesquite next week.  We could even brown bag it at the park, if the weather stays like it's been this week.  Did I throw enough options at you?

I read CALAMITY JACK last night, and I thought it was even better than RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE.  Hmm.  I might have to read them again to make sure though.

Rapunzel's RevengeCalamity Jack

In other (but still contest related) news, I won second place in Natalie Whipple's writing contest.  I'm super excited because I am a big fan of her art.  I thought about posting my entry here, but I don't think I could do it without tinkering and making it twice as long as the entry that I actually entered.  I had to cut so much to keep it under 500 words.  And the other two winners were awesome, so I'm just linking to her blog where you can see her picture and read all three stories.  


  1. Woohoo! At least I'm one for three in contests this week:)

    As for hardcover or softcover, whichever you don't want. As for mailing or meeting, I say, save the postage! You'll have to put up with my two gremlins, and we'll have to meet either at my house (I'm kind of carless during the day) or a nearby park, but if you're up for it, I'm definitely up for it. E-mail me at kvandolzer(at)yahoo(dot)com so we can work out the details.

    Finally, big congratulations on your silver medal in Natalie's contest. I must admit, I had a brief attack of jealousy at first, but I got over it. I may be a quarter in the toilet, but I'm still worth twenty-five cents:)

  2. You are so not in the toilet. I didn't know kvandolzer was you, so now I don't have any mystery followers (which is a good thing, I think).

  3. Yeah, I don't know how to make it say "Krista G." and not "kvandolzer," which is how my e-mail starts. Van Dolzer, as you may have guessed, is my maiden name. And the name I plan to publish under, if - no, when, WHEN - I make it that far:)

    And as far as mystery followers go, I still have a few of those. They never comment, never write, never send chocolates. I'm beginning to think we don't have a relationship at all. *sniffs*

  4. Congratulations! Are you going to pick the sketch or the critique?

    I thought your entry was great.


  5. Hey Myrna, Thanks for the great write-up on Rapunzel and Jack! And for doing a Calamity Jack contest--too awesome. This is Nathan Hale, the illustrator. Now I guess I'm a mystery follower. :)

  6. Um. You're welcome. Did Nathan Hale, no relation, just comment on my blog?

    And thank you, Shelley! I asked for the sketch; I love her work, and I'm not even letting my husband read the mess that is my novel (let alone querying it). I'm in the process of hitting delete a lot and moving large chunks around.