Saturday, October 15, 2011

Third Draft

I finished my third draft of TBW, yesterday morning, and then delivered a hardcopy to Krista*, in Mesquite. This draft was less comprehensive than my second, mostly typos and clarification. It's still in chronological order. I know I'll have to change the beginning though; both of the male readers who picked it up put it back down and made polite noises about why they didn't connect with it.

While I'm waiting for feedback, it's great to be back in Star Swans. :o)

*If you're at the querying stage, Krista's taking entries for "An Agent's Inbox" on Monday, and this month's agent will be Kate Schafer Testerman.


  1. I love updates on people's writing! I have my complete MS with someone right now too (and I have hers).