Monday, May 24, 2010

A Birthday, a Bird, and a Champion

I don't post pictures of the kids very often, but I am today. Last week, Gwenyth turned three.

I made her cake out of Blue Bunny Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream and Oreos because she likes ice cream more than she likes cake. The train is just a big Hershey bar and Oreos.

Then, on Saturday, one of my friends showed up at the door with a guilty look on her face and said she needed me to help her with something. She thought she'd hit this baby mourning dove with her car.

I looked it over though, and it had puncture marks, probably from a cat. I knew the bird was a goner when it snuggled up to my hands, but it surprised me. It ate peanut butter and drank water and stayed alive until I handed it to a Wildlife, Fish and Game fellow this afternoon. In fact, it looked a lot better than it had on Saturday. I'd have kept it (at least until it recovered), but you need a special license to keep wild birds.

And today, Robyn won the 2010 Spelling Bee for Grant M. Bowler Elementary School. Check out the trophy they gave her.

And Daxton wanted to show off the fake food he painted. Mostly, he wanted to be in a picture with Robyn and her trophy. Who wouldn't?

How was your Monday?


  1. Wow! To all of it! Happy Birthday to Gwen and way to go Robyn, that is awesome!

    I love the cake, Lani likes ice cream better then cake too, I should make an ice cream cake instead, maybe next year.

  2. Thanks, Maile! That princess/castle cake you made Lani was amazing.

  3. My Monday was...a Monday. Interpret that how you will.

  4. That was a great Monday.
    Happy birthday, Gwenyth! Hope you got something you wanted.
    Robyn, congratulations on your win. I'm sure it is well deserved.
    Myrna, nice job on the cake.

  5. What adorable kids! I understand why you don't show them off very often--we'd all want to keep them. :o)

    And as to the bird--good job! I used to be the Fish and Game person that picked them up and took care of them. Sounds like you made that person's job way easier. I always tell people to give them Gatorade as well, because they're usually dehydrated and the sugar and electrolytes give them a jolt of energy. It's like giving them legal crack! LOL!

    Thanks for sharing! (And way to go Robyn!)

  6. Happy Birthday, Linguine! Congratulations, Robyn! And see, Myrna, I was right - you are the bird whisperer:)

  7. Sweet! My youngest just turned 3 on Saturday!


  8. Happy Birthday, Gwenyth. Your kids are so cute, Myrna. Congratulations to Robyn on the spelling bee, too. And a chef in the family, to boot! You have a talented crew. :)


    P.S. I love wild birds. They fascinate me! Good for you saving a life!!

  9. I hope the bird survived! We have morning doves in our backyard, 3 nests in one tree. I love to hear them cooing to each other.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos and your family's news - it was so fun to learn more about you and your family!

    Happy birthday to Gwyneth, Congratulations to Robyn, and Daxton's fake food looks yummy! :) I'm so glad the bird survived, bless you for taking care of him!

  11. Hooray for a post of your adorable kids! Happy Birthday to cute lit'l Gwen. Congrats to Robyn..that amazing girl. And hooray for funny Daxton!

    Love the bird story!

  12. How cute! And what an awesome trophy! My kids all ham in on the pictures too. And then make faces. :)

  13. Such cute kids! And I wanna piece of that cake!!


  14. Your kids are adorable! I was also quite the speller myself ;) I won a lot of stickers in third grade, but never a shiny trophy like that one! Loved the bird story!

  15. Wow, I'm jealous of that trophy. ;)
    My daughter turned three last week, too! It's birthday season at my house...

  16. Q, I like Mondays, but I know how you feel about snow in May. I hope today was better. :o)

    Thanks, Ryan, I think that's the easiest birthday cake I've ever made.

    Jackee, I should have e-mailed you. I would never have thought of Gatorade. The sodium doesn't hurt them?

    Krista, I've never seen The Horse Whisperer. I do love birds though. Horses aren't bad, but they're more expensive to feed.

    Congrats to you, Chris! It's such a fun age; they want to learn everything.

    Thank, Amy! They're my world, and I like it that way.

    I hope it survives too, Karen. It should, but I hated giving it up to someone who might decide it's too much trouble.

    You're welcome, Susan! I'm glad you enjoyed my Mommy post.

    Thanks, Em! I'm glad you liked the bird story.

    Yes, Susan, they were pulling faces in the next three pictures. LOL!

    Thanks, Sue!

    I can believe you were quite the speller, Julie. I won a spelling bee in seventh grade, and they gave me a certificate with someone else's name on it. I gave her the certificate.

    Happy Birthday to your three-year-old, Faith! I love birthdays at this age.

  17. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Your children are beautiful. If someone handed me an injured bird, I wouldn't know what to do with it. You are so cool.

  18. You're welcome, Jessie! I'm just glad the bird ate and drank for me.

  19. What cute kids!

    How awesome that you could help with an animal rescue! I'm so glad the bird is doing well.

  20. That was some Monday. I spent mine outlining my new WIP and it's not finished yet.

  21. Thanks, Olleymae!

    Good luck with your outline, Catherine!

  22. The cake was fun!

    Injured wildlife are always so sad. It's the same deal down here permits are required to hold any natives. We've once raised a magpie (the Oz kind) that had fallen from the nest and boy it was a lot of work.

  23. Happy birthday to Gwyneth! And congrats are definitely in order, too. That's one pretty big trophy and a pretty big achievement as well. :)

  24. I'm sure that was a LOT of work, Al.

    Thanks, Maya!

  25. Wow, you get a lot of comments! Lots of awesome stuff in this post though! Yay for Gwenyth turning 3! What a cutie. And that is so awesome about the spelling bee! Way to go Robin! Seriously, that is really cool. And I would like to see a close-up of Daxon's fake food. :)

  26. I don't have a close-up. It's just clay that he painted in art. Mr. Brill is still the art teacher at the elementary school here. Thanks, Hil.