Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Thief

Do you like plot twists? I do. One of the things I loved best about the Harry Potter books was how she'd set up plot twists in advance. She planted the clues (I'm being vague to avoid spoilers), but I wouldn't catch all of them. If you like plot twists, I have a book recommendation for you.
The Thief (The Queen's Thief, Book 1)

THE THIEF is the first book in a YA fantasy series. I read the first three a little over a year ago, but the fourth book recently came out. So, I was putting it on hold through our library system, and my husband walks in the room.

Myrna - Hey, the fourth book in the Attolia series is out!

Ben - *blank look*

Myrna - You know, Megan Whalen Turner's series, the one that starts with THE THIEF.

Ben - *adds head shaking to above mentioned look* I don't remember reading them.

Myrna - THE THIEF had this really cool plot twist at the end. The main character's name was Gen. You really didn't read them? *putting all of them on hold while I have the screen up* I'm ordering them in for you.

So, I ordered them in, and then I couldn't resist peeking at the first one. Before I knew it, I'd been sucked into the story and had to read it all over again. I'm glad I did though. I paid close attention to the way she dropped clues this time, and I'm in awe. That's all I'm going to say. I highly recommend reading this series. In fact, I'm going to take my recommendation and read through from where I'm at to see how she crafted the plot twists in THE QUEEN OF ATTOLIA and THE KING OF ATTOLIA. They're longer than the THE THIEF and more involved.

If you take my recommendation, let me know what you think. Thanks!


  1. I should tell my daughter about this. It is exactly the type of series she likes to read.



  2. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation.

  3. I might look those up, but not for a while. My 'to read' pile is measured in feet now, not inches or titles.

  4. Ooh, this sounds like a keeper. I'll have to check it out.

    I'm reading one right now that's really sunk its hooks into me. It's called THE SHIFTER, by Janice Hardy. YA fantasy. I'll have to let you know if I like the end as much as the beginning:)

  5. I've seen a few other people recommend it too, and now it's on my to-read list. Have you read Poison study? Or Graceling? Both great books I've found in the last few months.

  6. Oo yay, I'm in the market for a new series, so this recommendation came just in time! Thanks. :)

  7. They are on my summer reading list!! I wanted to read them this winter but.....well...revision struck.


  8. That book actually just arrived in the mail a few days ago! I was int he middle of another book, so my 12-yr old got to it first. She said she is enjoying it. I'm looking forward to starting it. The book I was in the middle of, btw, was Keturah and Lord Death. Delicious.

  9. Megan Whalen Turner is a Genius. Period.

  10. I absolutely loved this book, both for the plot twist and because I loved the MC. Gotta root for an unreliable narrator! The writing is great too.

    I have this one on my Amazon Wishlist, but so far no takers. We'll see if I win a gift certificate soon, what with all the contests... :o)

    And BTW, you have an award over at my place. Have a great, long weekend!

  11. Sounds fun. I'll have to buy it "for my daughter." :)

  12. I bet she'd love it, Sue.

    You're welcome, Catherine!

    Ryan, I know about those reading piles. They're awesome! :o)

    Krista, Ben and I second and third your recommendation of THE SHIFTER.

    Kelly, I've read GRACELING, but not POISON STUDY, though I've heard it's great. Thanks!

    You're welcome, Rorie!

    Shelley, I totally understand what revising does to your reading time. They're worth it though, when you have time.

    Cinnamon, I've heard Keturah and Lord Death was good.

    Didn't you recommend it on your blog, Q? And yes, she's a Genius. :o)

    Thanks for the award, Jackee, and for agreeing with me.

    Al, I'm sure "your daughter" would enjoy it. ;o) I hope your being here means that you're feeling better.

  13. I love plot twists with clues sprinkled throughout a book. Thanks for the recomendation

  14. Well, I love plot twists, so I'm sure I'd love this one! Thanks for the suggestion; I'll check it out!

  15. I love the dialog between you and Ben. I could totally see you both as you were describing it.

    I also love how you devour books! So awesome!

  16. Sounds like a great series. Darn it--my TBR pile is HUGE, but this must go onto the list.

  17. You're welcome, Holly!

    Lisa and Laura, I hope you like it. :o)

    Yes, Em, you probably could.

    I love HUGE TBR piles, Annette!

  18. I <3 these books too :) The characters and the plotting are so, so good.