Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sprouting, Stop Animation, and Addition

I agreed to post a picture of the snake and dragon sprouts (mung bean and lentil sprouts) I mentioned in a previous post, so here they are. Fierce looking, aren't they? 

As for instructions, you need a mason jar, some cheese cloth to go over the opening, and a rubber band to keep it in place. You can pick up organic seed to sprout at most health food stores.

Soak the seeds overnight. Rinse and drain two or three times a day, and you can start eating them in a few days. I keep mine right by the kitchen sink to remind me to rinse them, and I haven't had any problems with mold. But then, I live in an extremely dry climate. Good luck!

I'm not qualified to teach anyone how to do stop animation, but I saw this video over on Laini Taylor's blog and had to share it.

And how many of you doodle on your numbers and letters until they turn into people or creatures? It's reassuring to know I'm not the only one who thinks the number four has a really big nose.

BTW- I'll be discussing and giving away a pair of exciting debut novels this month, hopefully within the next week. :o)

And I have no idea why two paragraphs of this post have a white background or how to get rid of it. It's never happened before, but I'm not sure I can blame it on Blogger (I left the computer unattended for a bit, and I do have three kids). If any of you know how to get rid of the background and would like to help me out, I'm all ears. Thanks!


  1. I don't see any white background that shouldn't be there. :) Unattended computers and kids are definitely a bad mix. I know all about that.

  2. Thanks for posting the sprouts, Myrna! Scary, indeed. LOL! They're actually so cute. Yum, too.


  3. Yep, those sprouts are definitely fierce. And I'll be looking forward to your book reviews!

  4. I need to start sprouting, I love them and they are so fierce, the kids might actually eat them if I told them what your kids call them!

  5. Snake and dragon sprouts. Love that!


  6. Hmm, I wonder if my kids would fall for the snake and dragon sprouts. Probably not. Well, Joey might. Braden won't even look at them.
    I know I've said this before, but I love TMBG! They rock. :)

  7. In the source for the page, it has: style="background-color: white;"
    That is your white background problem, but I don't know how you remove it. Might be a setting under font.

  8. I was going to ask you how you sprouted. I tried brocoli sprouting by growing it in a seed tray. When it was long enough I cut it off with scissors. They had their first leaves. I dont know if that was the right time to eat them but they tasted ok. :o)

  9. Loved the videos and the sprouts.

    When I did that with my background it was because when I was writing the post I accidentally highlighted it another color when about to put in a link or highlighting to cut. I don't know what I did. I had to completely remove the paragraph and write it over so it would default to normal on its own. There might be an easier way but that was what I had to do.

  10. Yay for the sprout picture! I think what I did wrong is not rinse them enough. I'll see if I can't get my dragon-obssessed seven year old to try them now. Thanks, Myrna!

    And stop animation... so cute. (Though I'm clueless how to do it as well.)

    Hope you had a great week!

  11. The white is behind the first and third paragraph, Janet. It isn't very noticeable.

    You're welcome, Amy.

    Thanks, Krista.

    My kids are eating them, Maile, but my kids like green stuff.

    Thanks, Sue.

    Yes, Rorie, they totally rock. :o)

    Thanks, Ryan.

    I've never heard of sprouting that way, Niki, but it sounds like it worked!

    Thanks, Annette.

    Thanks, Catherine! I tried erasing, but it just moved the highlighting to the next paragraph.

    You're welcome, Jackee!

  12. Myrna, your blog is seriously so much fun! You really have so much talent and I consider myself mighty lucky to know you and to be your friend! Keep sproutin'...keep bloggin'...keep being a wonderful YOU!

  13. Thanks, Em! That goes both ways. I mean, how many people out there know how to play the nose flute? hehehe