You've been sleeping with a blue elephant since you were four, and you probably have all kinds of stories about her. Is there one you'd be willing to tell us?

Ha! Oh, there are so, so, SO many it's hard to pick. I've already blogged about the time I thought I'd lost her--it was a very dark day--and rather pathetic considering I was an adult (or pretending to be one anyway.) But I guess one that stands out in my mind was when I was traveling to Europe a few years ago. Ella always goes in my carry-on (what? She is PRECIOUS cargo!) and the security person was clearly suspicious of the 20-something girl carrying the bright blue stuffed elephant with her. So he made me take Ella out of the bag so he could scan her alone--likely searching her for weapons of mass destruction. Alas, all he found is that I really am that big of a nerd. As did all the people around me, who did *quite* a bit of staring. *shrugs*

Okay, so it's interesting that you shared your comfort toy with Sophie. Were you making up for the hard stuff you had to put her through? 

Wow, that's a good guess--and you're totally right!! I knew that Sophie would have a lot of difficult things happen to her in her story--and that she would find herself losing everything and having to start over several times. So I wanted to give her one thing she could hold onto and keep with her. And naturally I thought of Ella. 

I totally get that. And last, you post pictures of the most amazing looking (and probably tasting) cupcakes. Do you have a favorite?

Hm... I want to be a brat and say ALL OF THEM ARE MY FAVORITE since I've honestly never met a cupcake I didn't love. But, I'll narrow it down to two. ANY type of chocolate cupcake is always an amazing idea. Or, if I can find it, I absolutely adore banana cupcakes, either with cream cheese or peanut butter frosting. *drools*

Mmmm. I've never had banana cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. I'll have to take care of that! Thanks so much!