Thursday, April 9, 2020

A Poem for National Unicorn Day (and Spring Fling)

I'm entering this poem in the Spring Fling Writing Contest. Today is National Unicorn Day, so I'm sharing a story about a goblin. And a fairy princess. Okay, there might be some unicorns. I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope that wherever you are, you feel safe and well. *hugs*


Three Unicorns Choose Riders
(127 words)

Here they come, horns all shining
with the last rays of day.
I’m the only goblin waiting
in a long line of fey.

As the first girl is chosen,
It’s hard not to compare.
She’s a fairy, wearing flowers
and a crown in her hair.

I’m an outcast, a goblin,
but I want this so much!
Two unicorns have chosen
their new riders by touch.

So, I drop my eyes, waiting.
I hear hooves closing in,
and suddenly the hairy,
hot breaths tickle my chin!

And these unicorn kisses
fill my mind with new dreams
of a lively, real friendship
and surprising race schemes.

When I leap to ride my partner,
she makes sure I’m all right.
Then we race the other riders
underneath Moon’s kind light.