Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Year of the Wooden Horse*

With roses that dwarf my fruit trees
in a spring that would tear open summer,
I outline stories for a wooden horse.

He gallops,
heedless of my mistakes--
of my need to perfect

Little green apples swell,
but the horse will not touch them.
Not yet.

*It's National Poetry Month. :o)

I've been outlining a lot for a pantser (no, Autocorrect, I am not a panther) lately. I've outlined and written synopses for two books in a MG space opera series, and I've been outlining some pretty major changes to TBW.

I've also been researching Constantinople and trying to perfect a couple of picture books.

In the world outside my head, I've been gardening, mothering, volunteering at the local fair, and teaching little kiddos to read. I love it when they put things together near the end of the year and get excited about reading.

What have you been up to this month?