Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A big thanks to Q and for helping me make my blog look so much more,well, like a blog.

My toe is feeling much better.  I haven't been able to stay off of it like I told myself I would.  I've tried to make an effort, but I'm not very good at being sick or injured.  I ended up applying for (and getting) a job yesterday.  I did tell my little guy "no" when he wanted to go hiking on Monday.

My three hiking enthusiasts

We hiked White Domes at the Valley of Fire last Monday with some friends.  

I love hiking the Valley of Fire.  Aside from being a beautiful place to hike, the names of the sites all sound like they could be the titles of interesting books:  Elephant Rock, The Seven Sisters, The Cabins, White Domes, Mouse's Tank, and so many more.  They have a marathon/half-marathon/10K (if any of you like to run) every year.   I'll just leave you with one more picture, though my pictures don't do the place justice.  


  1. Beautiful pictures, Myrna! I miss the desert.....

  2. Hey Q!

    Thanks Shelley! And now my success is assured. LOL!

  3. I LOVE your daughter's rainbow necklace. Does it come in my size? Tee hee.

    The Valley of Fire looks beautiful. I love living in the mountains, but a part of me will always ache for the desert.

    I'm glad your toe is feeling better, and CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!