Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

The fam was listening to Christmas music while I was making dinner, and I went over to peek and saw this one in the sidebar.  

I love the song.  I had to sing a solo of it when I was in college.  And I love listening to Andrea Bocelli, but I don't usually like listening to him sing with women; the women tend to overpower his velvet purr.  The only exception I'd found before tonight was Sarah Brightman, but I thought Mary J. Blige pulled it off.  I've never heard of her.  Her voice is gorgeous, but then, so is Sarah Brightman's.  I think the first time I heard Sarah Brightman sing was with Michael Crawford in The Phantom of the Opera.  Le Sigh.  Michael Crawford had the BEST PHANTOM VOICE EVER.

Here is my favorite of her singing with Andrea Bocelli.

I hope you are all having lovely holidays.


  1. Myrna! OMG-I just realized I never clicked the follow button-can you ever forgive me? I don't know how it happened but I have *hopefully* corrected the problem.

    Oh, and, as a way of apologizing, here's a blog award:

  2. You have 222 followers (cool number), Shannon, because your blog rocks! You can't possibly follow all of us and get anything done, but thank you.

  3. THAT why I don't get anything done? Oh, this explains SO much. :) Thanks for forgiving me. :)