Saturday, January 2, 2010

The New Year

I love writing out resolutions or goals.  Every year, my husband laughs as I write out a long list of what I would like to accomplish in the coming year.  I know I won't get everything done, but it helps me sort out my priorities and find my direction.  In fact, I like to break my goals for the year into monthly, weekly, and even daily lists.  I love Mondays.  I get a lot more done on a Monday than I do on a Thursday because I generally run out of steam or get distracted half-way through the week and then have to make up the difference on Saturday.  My Saturdays, especially the last one of the month, tend to be brutal.

Writing out resolutions can be a lot like outlining a novel.  It never turns out the way I plan, but it turns out better when I plan than when I don't.  Having a plan gives me the nerve to move forward; I don't have to dither over what I'm doing (if they gave medals for dithering, I'd be highly  decorated) or ask myself if I'm crazy for spending so much time writing nonsense.  I'm flexible, so if the plan isn't working, I re-work the plan.  I'm also easily distracted (try dangling something shiny in front of me or recommending a great book).  Life throws stuff at me that I don't plan for all of the time, but, unless my two-year-old wants me to play catch with a golf ball, that's not necessarily a bad thing.  If life were predictable, it would be boring.  And speaking of distractions, check this out.

2009 was my best writing year ever, and I'm excited to see what I can get done this new year.  What do you get excited about when you think about 2010?  


  1. Actually, I am only now starting to think about 2010...I am allowing myself the entire month to get used to the idea that it is a new year, since it really just kind of snuck (sp?) up on me.

    So, maybe goals at the end of the month.....

    Good luck with yours!


  2. Wow, that artist is awesome! That was really neat to watch.
    Good for you for setting your resolutions each year.
    As for what I'm excited about, the main thing that comes to mind right now is no more 9AM church! For at least a year. I know you can appreciate that too. :)

  3. I appreciated your comparison between outlining a novel and setting resolutions - both of those things should be fluid and expected to change.

    As for the new year, I'm excited about Bob, my current WIP. I'm taking a new approach with this one, so it'll be interesting to see how he develops...