Thursday, July 22, 2010


I've never dedicated a post to letting you ask questions, but I've also never added this many followers in so short a time. And while I'd love to think I impressed you with my fantastic interviews, I know most of you hit the follow button because you wanted the books (who wouldn't) and probably the Nutella.

So, if you're new or old to my blog, ask me anything (as long as it's G-rated), and I'll give you an answer. I'd also love to hear something, anything, about you.

It's easy. I'll start by telling you that I like Coldplay and Muppets. I even like them together.


  1. Coldplay and Muppets - what could be better?

    Coldplay-related fact you don't already know about me: My brother-in-law has a book of their (piano) sheet music, which he loves, so Coldplay is sort of like the soundtrack of our visits to Kaysville.

    Question for you: Who is your favorite Muppet?

  2. Congrats on adding a bunch of followers! That's pretty cool considering it's summer and things have slowed down in blogland for most of us. Must have been the nutella!

  3. If you were a kitchen utensil, which would you be?

    Fact: I made chocolate souffle today. And it was delicious.

  4. Have you been to any of Highlight's workshops?

  5. OOps! Thanks for stopping by my blog and answering my random questions...

  6. Cake or pie?

    And, favorite thing you've ever written.


  7. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I've one: How did you meet your husband?

    And I want a list of books written and poems published. Yeah, WIPs and publications. But that's not really a question... :o)

  8. Do you have any work published online? What's your favorite part beginning, middle, or end?

  9. Question for you is, since you like Coldplay, what do you think of Gwynneth Paltrow, the lead singer's spouse?

    As for me, though I like Coldplay, too, my favorite singer is James Taylor.


  10. What a fun post!

    Question for you: What's your favorite movie, old or new?

    My answer: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, with Return of the King probably being my favorite.

  11. Congratulations on your new followers, Myrna! :) I love your blog layout (I've probably said that before but I really do!).

    What books do you not have in your library that you would really like to get?

  12. Yay for followers! (And awesome contest, btw; congrats Molly!)

    OK...I'll ask...

    If you could make any character in any book come to real life, which would it be and why?

  13. Great idea and congrats on the followers, Myrna.

    Hmm, my question:
    Favorite secondary character ever is . . . ?

  14. So did you name your baby after Gwynneth Paltrow? come you are so amazing??!! :)

    Have a great day!

  15. Have you always wanted to be a writer or did someone or something inspire you?

    Do you ever fictionalize people you know?

  16. Did you think you would get any questions you couldn't or wouldn't answer?