Monday, March 7, 2011


I found a high fantasy series, by Holly Lisle, to share for this week's Marvelous Middle Grade Monday that has the world building of an adult fantasy without the redundancy. In fact, there are multiple worlds within the world. I loved the result.

The Ruby Key (Moon and Sun)

In the first book, THE RUBY KEY, Yarri, the Nightling slave (with the dandelion fluff hair), walks Genna and Dan through a dangerous bargain with her Nightling lord and then endangers everyone she knows to help them.

I borrowed this blurb from Goodreads because I like the poem:

Mankind is Sunkind 
And rules by the light; 
Nightlings are Moonkind, 
And rule in the night; 
Or there will be war. 
Human and Nightlings are never to meet, but when Genna and her brother Dan venture into the old forest at night, they encounter a Nightling slave who reveals a terrifying secret: Genna and Dan's village chieftain has made a dangerous deal with Letrin, ruler of the Nightlings, offering the lives of his people in exchange for his own immortality. 
To save the villagers and themselves, Genna and Dan strike their own bargain with the Nightling lord, but the stakes are even higher. Now, the siblings must embark upon a journey along the Moonroads, and bring back the key to Letrin's downfall. 
Written in haunting, lyrical prose, Holly Lisle transports readers to the twilit realms of the Night Worlds. 

The Silver Door (Moon & Sun)

I picked up this series because of the cover on the second book, and THE SILVER DOOR didn't disappoint. The sentient city and airships would be just as at home in a dystopian as they are in this fantasy. Oh, and there's a mad dragon. If you've been following my blog for very long, you already know I have a thing for dragons. I don't want to give away anything from the first book, but since the cover tells you that Genna and Dan survive, I can say a bit about them. By now, the Nightlings believe Genna is their long awaited Sunrider, Unfortunately, the sentient city hates Nightlings (and dragons) and wants to keep Genna and Dan for reasons of its own. In this book, they have to choose between friends. As a writer, it's interesting to see their character arcs in the books vs. what I'm seeing for their character arcs for the series.

I'm not sure how many books Holly Lisle plans to write for this series, but I plan on finishing it. If you like high fantasy, I think you'll like it.

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Have a Marvelous Monday! 


  1. I love both covers. I'll certainly check these out. Thanks!

  2. I have a thing for dragons, too! I'm so glad to hear about this series. Thanks!

  3. Great review, Myrna. Sounds intriguing. I just posted my own MMGM post and linked to yours.

  4. You're welcome, Ben. They're even more gorgeous in person.

    It's always fun to find a fellow dragon lover, Sherrie. You're welcome.

    Thanks, Joanne. You've had the right idea. I'm linking directly to you guys from now on.

  5. I have a thing for dragons, too.


  6. You might like these, Sue. Dragons aren't the main focus of the series, but he's a pivotal character in the second book.

  7. Who doesn't love bit of dragon? Great review. Do you think this would appeal to MG girls just as much as boys?

  8. This doesn't have anything to do with these books, but I think you were the one who recommended "The Clockwork Three." I'm almost done with it and have loved it, so thanks!

  9. Brooke, the main character is a girl, and my twelve-year-old daughter loved the books. Of course, so did my husband. I think that if you like fantasy, they're going to appeal to you.

    You're welcome, Rorie! I love hearing back on book recommendations. You're the third person who's told me they liked that one. :o)

  10. Hey Myrna- Thanks for the book recommends. I think our tastes run very similar- thanks again for suggesting Robin McKinley.
    Have you read Laini Taylor's Faeries of Dreamdark? They're great- I'm reading #2 in the series now.
    And I saw your comment on Krista's blog- sorry to hear that your dad is sick. I hope the new hospital will help. *hugs*

  11. Yes, Kelly, I love Laini's books, all of them. One of these days, I'll get around to a Dreamdark giveaway. So far, I'd recommend them above the series in this post, but neither series is finished yet. Do you read Laini's blog?

  12. Looks like a fun book! I don't read much middle grade, but sentient city? Airships? This one might be worth picking up.

  13. Hooray! A new (to me) author to check out. I've added The Ruby Key to my list. Thanks for the review. :)

  14. Carol, I really think you'd like it.

    You're welcome, Michelle.

  15. i love "the ruby key" and for having a great report card my parents bought "the silver door" for me, i haven't gotten around to reading "the silver door" but knowing how much i loved the first one i probably will like this one to. :)

  16. I am writing a book and would love for you to check out my book trailer. It is on Animoto. By the way I LOVED the first book of this series, it was very well written. It had me on edge for the three hours I read it, and a little after! I am looking forward to the sequel.