Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Lenny Lee!

Today is Lenny Lee's 13th birthday. And while some of you might not know who Lenny is, I'm confident those who do would agree that he is most positive, most friendly blogger they know. I always picture his sunny avatar when I think of him.

Instead of commenting on this post, I would love for you to click on his name and comment on his blog instead. If you know him, you could comment on something you admire about him. If you don't know him, he'd still love the birthday wishes. Thanks so much! :o)

Happy Birthday, Lenny! Thank you for providing inspiration and encouragement to many!


  1. You're so right about Lenny. I was just at his blog.

    In case he visits yours: Happy, Happy Birthday Lenny!

  2. I'm so glad you linked his blog.

    Happy birthday, Lenny Lee!

  3. Heading on over and glad to do so. I've never met him before, and a 13-year-old blogger just has to be cool!


  4. Isn't it great how many people are wishing Lenny a happy birthday!

  5. Hi Myrna,

    Like you, my human friend, I have the great pleasure of knowing Lenny :) I want to acknowledge you doing this pawsting, sorry, posting and wish him a great birthday here and over at his amazing site.

    And thus, thanks for this, Myrna and Happy Birthday to my young human buddy, Lenny! :)

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, superstar! :)

  6. hi miss myrna!

    WOW! thanks for doing such a cool post for my birthday. all the neat post im getting are the best birthday present ever. im soooo glad me and you are blogger friends. you rock!

    ...hugs from lenny

  7. LOL, that's what I picture when I think of Lenny too. I see kicked back in his recliner with his "loptop" with a big sunshine face. Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  8. He IS the epitome of sunshine! :o) It's crazy to think of that cute smiley face as a teenager but I'm so glad he is. Thanks for sharing, Myrna!


  9. Thanks for sharing the post and being part of the Lenny Lee birthday celebration!