Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 Things You Don't Know About Me.

Catherine Denton gave me an award!  Isn't it lovely?  Thank you, Catherine!


I have to share ten things about myself that you probably don't know and pass the award on to five other bloggers.

1. Not only do I listen to opera, I like to sing it, and I am NOT an opera singer.  I've also corrupted the next generation; I heard my daughter singing opera in the shower last night.

2. I'm really good at cleaning/digging ditches.  I grew up on a farm, and I've had lots of practice.  When I was in high school, one of my neighbors had a son he wanted me to go out with.  The son saw me out there digging ditch and told his dad he wasn't dating some ditch digger.  You can imagine my relief.  ;)

3. I helped my parents raise emus and rheas.  In fact, the baby rheas thought I was their momma and snuggled in my lap.  They were very cute.

4. I taught a female parakeet/budgie to talk (even though the book I learned how to do it from said it was impossible to teach the females to talk.  Yes, the book was written by a man).

5. Make-up irritates my eyes.  When I do wear it, I end up pulling on my eyelashes.  Weird, I know.

6. My dad was a pilot, and he used to let me fly our plane until I'd put it into a spin.  Then he'd pull it out and let me at it again.  I haven't tried to get my license though.  My oldest sister has hers.

7. I bite my nails when I read.

8. I got to swing on vines in Hawaii, when I was a kid.

9. My eyes are such a dark shade of blue that they usually look black in pictures.

10. If there is a phobia of doctors and hospitals, I have it.  I joke about being afraid of silly stuff like my dishes, but I have been unreasonably afraid of anything to do with doctors for about the last 13 years.  Maybe I'll write about that sometime, but I'm not going there tonight.

And now to pass this on to five bloggers I'd like to know more about:

Tone Almhjell Her writing and images are beautiful.

Sarah  Her posts are so interesting, and she is so friendly that it seems like we are already friends.

Krista  She has just started interviewing agents on her blog.

Debbie  She has excellent taste in writer's blogs and currently attends the university I graduated from.  Also, she is giving away books and jewelry.  Go and visit her.

Elliah  She is my newest follower, and I enjoyed reading her blog so much that I read quite a few of her older posts.

And now, I will compel you to listen to opera.  I chose this one because the words make me laugh and because there is a Muppet version.

Let me know which was your favorite in the comments.  I'm just kidding.  You don't have to listen to it.  You should check out the blogs I mentioned though.


  1. A muppet version of anything is always better! (There was a puppet version of Twilight that cracked me up majorly!)

    So cool about the emus and rheas.

    Your ten things fill me with questions...which I think is a good thing.


  2. I love opera too!! Instead of barking orders, I opera them. I've done it so long my kids reply in melody without thinking about it. Bwa-ha-ha.

    Although I love the muppets; I prefer the orchestra version in the first one.
    Winged Writer

  3. Shelley, I have not seen this muppet version of Twilight. It sounds like it would be worth searching for.

    And Catherine, I love that you sing back and forth with your kids. Have you read Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine?

  4. I have such a fascination with odd/interesting animals. I'm very jealous right now. And "ditto" on the eye makeup thing.

  5. Fun! Learning random stuff about people is always great. :D

    Thanks for the award! Hopefully I can pull up 10 random things about me next week. :)

  6. Aw, thanks, Myrna - I mean, Bird Whisperer:)

    And so interesting that you have very dark blue eyes; by a completely random coincidence, that's exactly the eye color I've given Bob's female lead (so dark blue that Seth just assumes they're brown/black until he gets a good look at them up on a giant wall screen).

  7. Definately the muppets haha

    I love opera and hope to one day go and see one.

    Congrats on the award :o)

  8. So fun learning all this stuff about you. I suppose I could google this, but what are rheas?

    I haven't listened to the opera things yet. I might later. (Sorry, I'm more of a headbanger than an opera person. But I do enjoy classical music.)

  9. Rorie, rheas are ratites-large flightless birds--from South America. They look more like ostriches than emus, but I think the rheas are a lot prettier. You know how moms are about their kids though. ;)

  10. Ha! I loved #4. I'm all about Girl Power!

    And Muppets. Definitely the Muppets.

  11. I must say, I am a little curious about who this neighbor boy was... :)

  12. Oh, Hil, he wasn't someone you knew. His parents were divorced, and he lived with his mom. I didn't know him either. Billy F. was the only guy who lived on my street who went to school with us, and Billy would never have said something like that; he and his little brothers used to come over and help us with our work.

  13. Hi Myrna!! I thought that I had been reading a ton but you have me beat!!! I have read a few of the serious you have on your blog but now I want to read some of the ones I haven't thanks for the ideas!!