Monday, February 1, 2010

Basketball Madness and Contest Links

February is Basketball Madness Month at my house. What?  You've never heard of Basketball Madness Month?  That might be because YOU are sane.  And maybe I made it up.

Ben is coaching the Girls' "A" team at the middle school, and I'm coaching Robyn's and Daxton's teams.  At Robyn's practice last week, I realized just how out of shape I was when I demonstrated how to protect the ball, and a sixth grader trapped me.  Ouch.  I totally should have seen it coming. So, I went running with Robyn after school today--I haven't been running in months because I broke my toe playing soccer with her back in October--and she beat me (gleefully) for the first time. Double ouch.  Guess who's back to working out this month?  

And now for the free stuff (because free stuff is fun), I've listed the items being given away instead of what the actual contest name is.  Most of them are Valentines Day Contests.  Here are the contest links:

Shannon Messenger said she would have a contest going on later this week too, if you want to check over there.

And Kathleen Ortiz just started a blog and is holding a query contest.  If you're a writer, you might want to check out her new blog.  

I'm sure there are more contests out there, but that's all I have. Happy February!



  1. Enjoy basketball madness! And coaching and working out. Go you!

  2. Free stuff is fun. :)
    And ouch on the toe. And getting beat by a young kid. But way to go to you and your hubby for coaching! :)

  3. The "young kid" is less than two inches shorter than I am now.

    *I've added two more contests since I posted this yesterday. The biggest addition is the query contest.

  4. Thanks for including me on there, Myrna, and good luck!