Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A New Award

Krista gave me an award.

So, here's where I tell you five things about myself and pass on the award on to five more bloggers.

1. I leave a lot of the details out when I'm writing my first draft. This Animanics song gives a very thorough run-down of the senses. In fact, they're a little too thorough. I don't use all of these, but it's a great song.

2. My parents wanted me to be a veterinarian because I had a knack for taking care of sick, injured, or rejected (mothers will sometimes reject their babies and refuse to take care of them) animals. They saw my success with the animals that lived, but I had a hard time getting over the ones who died. I think I would have enjoyed working as a field biologist though.

3. We get a lot of wildlife through our yard and even inside our house. It's a lot of fun. We prefer that they stay outside though. One time, I'd pulled my baby out of the bath and was about to put her pajamas on her when I noticed a tiny bark scorpion hiding in the fold of her pajama shirt. Scary. I've found five of the little buggers in our house since we moved here. Here's a picture of a king snake in our front yard.

4. I haven't taken down our Christmas tree. I'm hoping that admitting this publicly will shame me into doing it.

5. I don't think I've ever been as excited to see a movie as I am to see Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland."
Is anyone else out there excited to see this?

And now, five stylish bloggers:

1. Stephanie Perkins - seriously, her blog is fabulous. Check out the design, and, while you're there, you might as well check out her new book cover and author photo as well.

2. Em's blog is beautiful and funny, and her new baby is dang cute.

3. Shelley has dragons and writing advice. What more could you want?

4. Q's design reminds me of chocolate mint ice cream. Yum! And, not only was she my first follower, she answered my blog design questions.

5. Southpaw captures gorgeous bits of nature and shares them on her blog.

Thanks Krista!


  1. You're welcome, Myrna.

    And we happened across a scorpion in our bathroom a few months ago (tan, about two inches long). I yelped, snatched my two-year-old off the floor, and ran for the bug spray.

    Scorpion King: 0, Krista the Terrible: 1

    I was tempted to rename myself The Scorpion Slayer after that, at least for a few weeks:)

  2. That sounds like a bark scorpion, Krista the Terrible, unless it looked hairy. I don't think we've had one that big in our house. Unfortunately for us, the smaller they are, the more poisonous they are.

  3. Ew on the scorpions. We haven't seen any in our house/yard as of yet. Just black widows and brown recluse spiders. Yay.
    I love Animaniacs. Best cartoon ever. Wakko rocks. :)

  4. Animaniacs high five!

    I hate finding black widow and brown recluse spiders.

  5. Congrats :o) nice award. Thank goodness we don't have snakes in NZ

  6. Myrna-Thank you for the award!

    I miss Animamniacs! Don't they have a countries of the world song?

    That snake is SCARY! My Indiana JOnes Potato Head would NOT like ti one bit.


  7. Niki, you really don't have snakes in NZ?

    You're welcome, Shelley. Animaniacs do have a countries of the world song.

    And I didn't mean to imply the king snake was scary. He's about four feet long, very shy, and he eats scary snakes (rattlers) for breakfast.

  8. LOL! I thought maybe we were kindred spirits, Myrna. Now I'm convinced.

    Congrats on the awards!

  9. Thanks, Jackee, and I think you're right!

  10. I don't think I've ever seen the Animaniacs before - what a fun clip! And I leave out details on my first draft, too, which is probably why my second draft takes even longer to write than the first.

  11. Yeah, my second draft has taken forever. Thanks for commenting!

  12. Thank you, Myrna. I am so grateful and lucky to have bloggy friends like you!


    Aaaaaaaaaack, snake.

    And I took down my tree in mid-February. So I am definitely in no place to judge! ;)

  13. Scorpions win the creepy prize from me. Followed closely by snakes and spiders.

    Thanks for the award.

  14. You're welcome, Steph. The luck and gratitude flow both ways. :)

    I agree with the scorpions and some spiders, Southpaw. I've never had a problem with snakes.

  15. No snakes and no crocs, but I would love to have squirrels here :o) There's something at my blog for you.

  16. Thank you, Niki! We don't have squirrels here either, but my youngest brother has them in Colorado. They're adorable.