Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fact or Fiction?

Last week, Al at Publish or Perish tossed me the Creative Liar award.

To accept, I have to tell six lies and one truth about myself. See if you can spot the truth, and I'll 'fess up in my next post. ;)

1. I finished my third draft. LOVE IT!

2. November 20, 2004, I placed third in my division in the Valley of Fire Marathon. It's the only marathon I've ever run.

3. Remember the poem you wished me luck with at the bottom of this post? I found a contract from Highlights in my mailbox today. I love the way they word their contracts. Having someone tell you they're "delighted" to buy your poem never gets old.

4. It's taken me three days to go through all of the piles, but right now, my house looks fantastic.

5. My dad had me behind the controls of an airplane, teaching me how to fly before he taught me how to drive. My family's a bit odd that way. My dad flew his first cross country solo when he was ten-years-old.

6. I scored an ARC (advance reader copy) of PARANORMALCY, by Kiersten White. I'll hold a contest to pass it on when Ben and I are done reading it. I'm so excited to read this book!

7. My two-year-old has a pet snake.

I'd like to give this award to Holly at Scribbles and Splashes and the
funny fellas at SAD Videos. Thanks, Al! I had way to much fun making up whoppers!

Actually, I have two more awards to dish out. Jackee at Winded Words gave me the Blogger Buddy award. Thanks, Jackee! *hugs*

I'm tossing the award to three of my best blogger buddies: Niki, Q, and Debbie. Catch!

And Faith Elizabeth Hough gave me the Sweet Blog Award.
Thanks, Faith!

I'd like to award Olleymae, Sue, and Kelly.

But speaking of sweet blogs, how many of you already follow
Nathan Hale's? He writes and illustrates picture books (among other
things), and there's always something entertaining happening on his
blog. They're sequential though, so you want to scroll down and find
the beginning. My kids and I read this blog together. No fibbing!


  1. awww thanks Myrna :o) XX

    Oh this is hard hehe I really like the flying one, but maybe 10years is a bit young for flying solo?? haha
    I HOPE #3 is true but I will go with #2 because I admire marathon runners!! :o)

    Aren't book covers gorgeous nowadays.

    Writing course is going well. I have worked on it all week.

  2. This is a hard one! I'm going to go with #6 as your truth (at least, I hope it's true - I'd love to win that contest!)

    Congrats on your awards!

  3. Yay! Thanks so much!!! <3 <3

    I'm also guessing #6 is your truth.

  4. Hey Myrna- thanks for the nod. I want to believe that you know how to fly, but could your dad really have flown solo cross country at 10? Hmmm. I'll go with your truth is #6. Cause I can't believe your house is clean or I'll feel like a failure;)

  5. I'm voting for #3 as the truth. I think you do know how to fly, but I don't think your dad flew his first cross-country solo at the age of ten:)

  6. Thanks, Myrna. It's always fun to get an award! I'm going with #2.


  7. I know #1 is a lie because you would be rubbing it in otherwise. btw, I stalled out for three days on my rewrite, but here comes the weekend. I'm gonna win this race - maybe, I hope.

    I am going to say #5, because that would be so cool if it were true. And if I'm right about where you live, you have plenty of open places to practice and try it.

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog about checking out our local library for movies to watch. I had thought about looking into this. Thanks for the reminder.

    I don't dare guess the lie since I don't yet know you that well, but I'll check in tomorrow to see what it is!!

  9. I'm going to say #1, but only because I couldn't read part of the last few. For some reason, half of what you wrote went off the screen. Weird. But I love these games. :)

  10. Okay, it is a toss up of #3 and #6, I will go with 3. We shall see, they were all great, so much fun to see what you came up with. I am horrible at that game!

  11. Oooo, I'm going to choose #6 (I hope). Congrats on all the awards.

    Have a great weekend! :-)

  12. Gotta be #6. It looks like such a great book.

    And thanks!

  13. Great lies!
    I can't tell.

    I'm going to have to go with #7, just because my snake story was the true one. Also, stranger things do happen!

  14. What? No one believes that my house looks fantastic? I'm hurt. ;o)

    I was going to respond to these individually, but I can't - not without giving something away. I will say that the truth has been guessed by at least one person. hehehe

  15. I think that #6 is the truth, because I don't think you'd offer a contest and not follow through.

    Thank you for the award!

  16. Hugs back! And all of those sound so true, I'd totally believe them of you. But I guess I'm going to have to go with #5 since it's the most detailed. Am I right? Am I right?

    Have a wonderful weekend!