Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Facts

If you missed my previous post, I had to write six lies and one truth about myself to accept an award. This is the post where I expose my lies for wishful thinking, instead of real creativity.

1. I finished my third draft. LOVE IT! Actually, I hit a rough patch, and a new character showed up. I didn't realize I was adding a new character. How was I to know the dead body would come back as a ghost and want to replace my old (possibly cliche) ghost? In my defense, I think the younger ghost will make the story better, but new characters are the bane of my revising experience. Now, I have to deal with how this ghost will affect the rest of the story.

2. November 20, 2004, I placed third in my division in the Valley of Fire Marathon. It's the only marathon I've ever run. I've never run a marathon, though I'd like to. It was a 10K.

3. Remember the poem you wished me luck with at the bottom of this post? I found a contract from Highlights in my mailbox today. I love the way they word their contracts. Having someone tell you they're "delighted" to buy your poem never gets old. I haven't heard back on this one. Typically, it takes a couple of months for them to get back to me with a contract, while a rejection sometimes only takes two weeks. I do love the way they word their contracts.

4. It's taken me three days to go through all of the piles, but right now, my house looks fantastic. Yep. This one was a blatant lie.

5. My dad had me behind the controls of an airplane, teaching me how to fly before he taught me how to drive. My family's a bit odd that way. My dad flew his first cross country solo when he was ten-years-old. Ryan and Jackee guessed the truth. My dad is 73, and they didn't regulate flying when he was a kid the way they do now. Everyone in his family could and did fly. They used to take the plane to get the mail. I never did get my license, but one of my older sisters has hers.

6. I scored an ARC (advance reader copy) of PARANORMALCY, by Kiersten White. I'll hold a contest to pass it on when Ben and I are done reading it. I'm so excited to read this book! I wish! I bid on one in an auction earlier this week, but the bidding went much higher than I could afford. If I do end up with my own copy of PARANORMALCY, I will write a review and pass it on. Deal?

7. My two-year-old has a pet snake. She did ask for one, but she's going to have to settle for the ones in the yard.

Thanks for guessing. I hope you had as much fun as I did. :o)


  1. How exciting about learning to fly.

    Paranormalcy looks good.

  2. Hi, Judith! You must be done with finals. ;)

    Thanks for following my blog, Medeia!

  3. "They used to take the plane to get the mail."

    I can't express how awesome that is.

  4. Yeah, Adam, I can't express how awesome my grandpa was. I once asked my mom why she married my dad. She told me the first time she met his dad she was hooked. She knew her life would never be boring.

  5. That is so cool. Not that you and your family fly, just that I was right! :)

    Seriously though, very nice facts and lies... and I love the little bit of history you added.

  6. Yeah, man! It's the first time I've BEEN right about these things.

    And I hope Kiersten reads this and gives you an ARC to review. :o)

  7. Wow!! haha well done. I really enjoyed your lies and truth. :o)

  8. Thanks, Ryan!

    Jackee, that would be awesome, but I doubt Kiersten's even reading blogs right now. She's revising the sequel with notes from her editor. Do you follow her blog?

    Thanks, Niki! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

  9. Oh, Myrna, I missed your missed your lies earlier this week! Too fun.

    I love when a draft holds a secret surprise!

    Wishing I had an arc of Paranormalcy, too. Oh well.


  10. I did have fun. And the flying one was my second choice. Shoot!


  11. These were so much fun, Myrna...although it's too bad about your draft. Drat those dead people that come back. :)

  12. It's a busy time of year for moms and teachers, Shelley. And I don't usually post three times in a week.

    I'm glad you had fun, Sue. :o)

    Thanks, Faith! I wrote him in, and it wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be.

  13. That was fun! I loved learning more about you. You know how to fly a plane? Awesome!

  14. I'm sad I missed out on the guessing, but these looked really tough! I've never run a marathon either :) And ooooh a pet snake? I'd be too scared to live in the same house ;)

  15. Thanks, Susan!

    Do you run, Julie?

  16. If I had read these earlier, I think I could have guessed right.

  17. I love learning fun new things about you!

    I'm pretty sure i would've guessed dead wrong!

    You are so cool!

  18. I loved reading this. And wow about your dad's family!

  19. Wick, I bet you could have. Putting up with me as a best friend for so many years ought to have some kind of advantage. ;o)

    Em, if it's any consolation, Ben even had a hard time.

    Thanks, Southpaw!

    Thanks, Kristin! I wish all awards were this much fun.