Monday, October 10, 2011


Okay. I'm probably preaching to the choir with this post, but I just have to say that Rick Riordan did it again. THE SON OF NEPTUNE is as Marvelous as they get. Killer action sequences. Laugh-out-loud humor. He's even getting better at writing love stories, though I don't read his novels for the romantic bits. This is the tenth book I've read of Riordan's, and I'm still not sure how he keeps all of his mythology clear without bogging down the pacing. His stories fly.
Heroes of Olympus, The, Book Two: The Son of Neptune

Isn't that an awesome cover? It's even better after you've read the story.

If you haven't read his PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS series, you should really start there.  You can read my recommendation here. If you have read the first series and liked it but haven't picked up THE LOST HERO, again, I'd recommend you read it first. But I loved the second book in his HEROES OF OLYMPUS series even more. Percy makes a comeback in this novel, though he doesn't know who he is for most of it (like Jason in the first one), and I really connected with the other two main characters. I didn't want it to end. And now, I have to refrain from quoting funnies until Ben and Robyn have read it. *sigh*

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I liked The Lost Hero and have a copy. I'll have to check this one out given your great review. Thanks.

  2. This gets me excited about Rick Riordan's stuff again. I read the first two in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, but then I kind of fizzled out. Sounds like I might have to pick those up again so I can get to THE SON OF NEPTUNE:)

  3. Oh, I'm behind. I hadn't realized the started the second series. I loved the first one.

  4. It is so good to know he's done it again. To that I say...yay!! Looking forward to reading this one.

  5. I have only read the first chapter and haven't had time to read more. Can't wait for naptime!

  6. I need to check these out!


  7. Oh, we've sold dozens of copies since it pubbed, so I know it's popular.

    I've read all of the original Percy Jackson series, but haven't yet read LOST HERO or this one. I'll have to get on that. He's excellent at action-packed plotting.

    Nice review, Myrna.

  8. My 8-year-old is almost to the end of Book 5 of the original series. I'll be interested to see if he ploughs on to this, or if he wants to take a break.

    Thanks for the review, Myrna. Rick Riordan is a master!

  9. Wow, Monday again already! These weeks are just flying past!

    Thanks for another great review. I have to get some Rick Riordan books in this house. I think my kids would love them!


  10. I loved The Lost Hero...I've been so excited for this one to come out. I'm excited to hear it is living up to the hype.

  11. I had trouble with the first Percy Jackson book, so never finished the series. I can see why they're so popular, just not for me.

    I would certainly give a new series a shot, though. (Son of Neptune looks like his highest ranking book on GoodReads)

    And man, is that guy prolific! Have to give him props for that for sure.

  12. Rick Riordan is great. So talented! I first heard about him from my son. He and his friends used to fly through his books!